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PSX(Play Station 1/2) pad with SPI bus driver for Linux

Apr 14, 2017

I wrote PSX(Play Station 1/2) pad with SPI bus driver for Linux.
(for Enbedded Linux board has SPI, Raspberry Pi, Beagle, Panda, Armadillo, etc)
I pushed change sources to linux-kernel.
You'll can see detail sources in few days.(:D)


How to use Raspberry Pi

To use this driver to Raspbian, You must recompile a Raspbian kernel. (RetroPie too)
To recompile kernel, see KERNEL BUILDING

And need this patch files

In kernel recomple, you get Raspbian kernel source, then use patch.

$ patch -p1 -d linux < psxpad-spi_rp.patch

This patch is include:

(In few days, you'll need DT change and kernel config only.) (:D)


Then menuconfig, enable driver.

$ cd linux
$ make ARCH=arm CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf- menuconfig
[Device Drivers] -> [Input device support] -> [Joysticks/Gamepads] -> <M> PSX(Play Station 1/2) pad with SPI Bus Driver
and [Save], and [Exit].

If you can recompile Raspbian kernel, install to SD card.


Then connect PSX(PS1/2) pad wire to Raspberry Pi, upper figure.
To connect pad jack pin(thick), you can use dupon(QI) connector.
(I made 4-ways special multi tap device ...)


(Appendix) Raspberry Pi's SPI bus have two CS.
Other than Attention pin, wire is common. 2nd pad's Attention wire to GPIO7 SPI0_CS1_N.


PSX pads test program. not need kernel rebuild. spidev_psxpad.tar.xz